Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wagamamas Moment

Went to Wagamamas tonight for tea. It was quite a sight to behold. PJ wore her new dress we got as a welcome gift. It twirls when she spins round and she calls it her dress with sprinkles on. We were treated to tea by one of our friends. PJ was amazed by the length of the noodles and was enthralled by chopsticks. She gave it her best shot and then they gave her some children's ones, which were more like tweezers - and more successful. She loved it. All of it. We are still on a learning curve, with going to "cafes" (restaurants) as she likes to call them. Overcome with excitement, in between courses, we went outside to ease the waiting time and hopefully calm down - as well as ease things for everyone else in the restaurant. You see, she had been crawling around floor under the table and using a napkin to clean, she explained to anyone and everyone who might care to listen. A man helpfully called out: she's over here, from the back of the restaurant. Thank you, I meekly said. She crawls and cleans floors fast, I thought, deciding to keep my thoughts to myself this time. So, PJ and I went outside for a breather, leaving our friend to order dessert and kindly pay. Outside, she ran up and down the steps and we went rather impulsively it seems breezed into a men's tailor's shop and played hide and seek with the shop assistant in between some rather lovely suits. I remained calmer, I think, than I would have a few months ago. I am learning, as I see for myself, that new places and experiences result in either anxieties or overconfident behaviours. I am also learning, as I see for myself, that if I keep taking PJ to new places and new experiences that they will slowly become more familiar and therefore less stressful. For us all.

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