Sunday, 13 January 2013

Moderation Panel Result February 2011

Moderation Panel with the local authority must have met during January 2011.
It was the beginning of February before she phoned.
It was a no at this time.
Factor #1 Being Single. They have too many single people currently on their list.
Bummer. It felt like a slap in my face.
Factor #2 The goegraphical area of where I work conflict.
Ouch. You would have thought my profession within Education would have been a positive.
Factor #3 My age.
The slap in my face has a backhand slap. It hurt.
I've left it too late. I can't turn back time. I can't change my age.
Factor #4 They already have a list of approved prospective adopters, so they would offer to defer their consideration. Moderation Panel would be happy to re-consider me in 6 months time, in July. If successful, then I would be invited to their next preparation group in 10 months time, October 2011.
There were no guarentees that either my circumstances would have changed or their list of criteria would have changed.
It felt like the Revolving Door had turned out to be a swing door and had actually slammed shut in my face.
I was reeling.
It felt like a double whammy.
Single and childless.
The swing door swung.
Thwack, thwack.
The result wasn't what I expected. At all. I thougt they would welcome me with open arms but they didn't. Bummer.
I couldn't change being single and therefore being able to have a child of my own and I couldn't change their decision and I certainly couldn't change my age. And the ageometer seems to have arrived. In 6 months time and next Moderation panel, I would be 6 months older.
The swing door closed.... but what about if the door was a revolving door?
What about the adoption agencies?
Would they say no too?

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