My Adoption Story

Here is my Adoption story - 5 pieces of a Jigsaw. Please link to the posts that will follow here to read more, as I retell my story.

I was premature, and born to a Single Mum and my father is not named on my birth certificate. My medical records read that I was illegitimate, as was the commonly used condemning phrase, in those days.

Apparently, no one knew she was pregnant.
My birth was enshrouded in shame and secrecy.
She left hospital 10 days after my birth. I have no idea if she saw or held me.
I was in hospital for 8 weeks before going into foster care.
Briefly. I was returned to hospital and remained in hospital until I was almost 5 months old, when my parents and my siblings collected me from hospital to bring me home.

Many will say that adoption for the relinquished child is simple. They are only babies, after all, this won't have affected them, once they have been placed with a family and they will all live happily ever after. No one need know of the adoption and besides, at the time I was adopted the Adoption laws were such that there would never be a way of re-discovering your birth family origins.

The simplicities of being relinquished brought complexities of their own: roots of rejection, un wanted, un loved, angry, aggressive, challenging, demanding, bored, opting out, awkward, adopted.

As an adult, I decided to trace some of my birth family history. It was like clutching 5 pieces of a jigsaw, without knowing how many pieces were in the jigsaw or knowing what the picture on the box would look like.

So welcome to 5 pieces of a Jigsaw - My story.
Enjoy and be inspired and I hope it helps as we journey together to understand and live with and through adoption - and come out thriving.

New Pyjama Mummy x

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