Friday, 1 February 2013

All About Love - My First Blog Hop

Welcome to my First Blog Hop! I have looked on admiringly at many blogs and joined in a few and wondered how to do one - and if anyone would join one ! So, after a little research and a sprinkling of imagination I have taken the plunge and giving this a go! If you have got this far, hoorah! With Valentines Day fast approaching, (February 14th, in case you need a reminder) and after all the cold, snowy, wet and blustery January we have had, I thought it is about time to think about Love and have some fun!
The theme for my first blog hop is: All About Love.
Do you have a story to share about love, or have something to share in a blogpost that you believe passionately in?
Maybe you have tried and tested - or even failed - at a fun craft activity to do that you can share?
It could be a craft for you or one for the kiddoes?
What about a delicious recipe - maybe a cake - yummy- that is around the theme of Love to blog about for Valentines Day?
Or your story of Adoption or  a parenting experience around the theme or a great friendship to share?
I will share some of my stories during February here, about Love - love lost - and love gained - and hopefully share some of my creative tails around the theme of Love too. A mix of ribbon, glitter, fabric, a bit of pink and red and a few hearts thrown in - and TaDa! I will share some things insughts from my life - the perhaps profound, as well as lighthearted, about Love along the way!
Wanna hop along and join me? My First All About Love Blog Hop is open from February 1st until February 15th 2013, so you can blog anytime in these next 2 weeks.
Be as creative as you wish - share some love and glitter - please keep it clean and be as honest as your heart will allow you to be. You might be surprised at yourself.
The All About Love Blog Hop Rules?
1.The KISS rule - as my Dad would say - Keep It Simple, S***** (thanks Dad)
2. Write your blogpost around the theme of All About Love!
3. Join the linky love link below and link to your blog post for others to link to your blog!
4. Enjoy reading other blogs and make some new bloggy friends along the way.
Happy February!
Happy Valentines!


  1. what a lovely linky! i have added a post from a while while ago! although i will do a new one later this week too :-)

  2. I want to blog about my husband for valentines day so i will def come back - a great idea! Keep tweeting out and reminding us all though, I have a memory like a seive!

    1. lovely - and thankyou - once I work out how to tweet about this I will! feeling a bit of a twit at the moment with the old tweeting at the mo x

  3. What a great idea, Sarah from the puffin diaries suggested I paid you a visit and I am so glad I did. I look forward to following your posts! Sarah xx

    1. athanks Sarah - i couldn't seem to post a comment on your blog as easliy as i would have liked to - sorry - but i really love your heart shape craft. x

    2. and now i see your craft on the hop here. brilliant x

  4. What a lovely linkie, thanks for hosting. :-)
    My children are my everything, my light, my love, my life. I've added a Valentine craft that w've done together. x

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. emma - thankyou - your crafts are so creative - i mis spelt this comment the first time and it read "our" crafts are so creative - not sure that is quite true. thankyou for joining me in this hop x

  6. What lovely posts, thanks for hosting New Mummy.


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