Saturday, 9 February 2013

All About Love - 3 Things I Love - Day 9

These 3 things I love. They also link in rather nicely with Reasons 2 Be Cheerful for this week over at Mummy from the heart
I could write a lovely long list of things that I love but I will keep it to just 3.
For now.

In first place, the prize goes to my friends. The reason? I love my friends. I have friends both near and far and wide and back again, but this prize is for my friends living close by to me. My girlie friends. We eat cake together. Every week. We laugh and cry and keep each other going with our tales and tantrums and tasting each others cakes we have baked. These friends have been a tower of strength to me throughout the adoption process this far - and this week have come up trumps again for me. I said at the beginning of the year that one of my new year goals was to get out more - PJ has been with me now for a few months now and I have only been out twice. so new year, new goal... get out in the evenings a bit more. I am going to be aiming for once a month to try and do something, if I can. So we all played diaries and I found a PJ sitter - and this week - we went out to see Les Mis. I loved it and PJ slept soundly.

In second place the prize for cheerfulness and another thing I love and want a loud cheer for is new friends for PJ. Today she has been to a birthday party for one of her new friends. A friend she has made at her Nursery. I was so pleased that she had an invite - and that we got there. She was quite anxious about going and overwhelmed at the eating all together bit at the party but we got round both with lots of reassurance and a measure of flexibility thrown in. It has been great to see her begin to make a few friendships with the children of my friends these last few months but I was particularly pleased with today's success. My little girl has begun to form some new friendships since being placed with me. Woohoo.

In third place the prize goes to this:
What more could I say? join in the blog hop for other reasons to be cheerful


  1. Amazing nice you have great friends...loving the last reason...looks very cosy and warm...following your blog so look forward to reading your posts

    1. thank you - and welcome to my blogworld x

  2. Lovely reasons :)
    I'm gonna follow your blog x

  3. Yeah I would love a wood burning stove, but you can't beat a good group of friends, lovely post.


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