Tuesday, 5 February 2013

All About Love - Love Is Kind - Day 5

In celebration of 25 years of Red Nose Day - Comic Relief - I had to dig into the archives of my memory from the past - 1988 - yep I was there. I drove to work dressed up as a clown - complete with clown face, my red nose, a massive green hat I had made and a yellow flower in it I had made and my boss didn't recognise me when I arrived. Ha,ha x I was working in a school at the time and we did lots of activities throughout the day to raise awareness of Red Nose Day and Comic Relief and gave the children and their families the chance to give money on the day. I remember that we decorated a big clown face with coins and did a trail of coins around the school corridor. We did a circus themed day and did a circus celebration in the hall to showcase all the children's costumes and for them to share all that they had been learning during the day about Comic Relief and all that was going on in Africa to help as a result of the fundraising. Later, I remember watching Lenny Henry at home on the telly - and recovering from my somewhat sore nose - yes, those hard plastic round noses were hard and had a tight grip on your nose that you didn't really need the elastic tie - and you could hardly breathe! A small price to pay for such a great day! I think what impacted me at the time was the sense of a gathering of people across the nation to go into the nations and raise awareness of how others could get on board and help, in however small or large way. There was a sense of togetherness in the nation that we hadnt seen for a long time - probably since the coronation or the war - and this was different - as it had and still has, an outward focus. this wasnt about rallying around because it will help us, our nation but this was about helping others. The unknown and the unreachable for most of the nation - and yet, here were garages selling red noses and schools devoting most of their school day to learning about reality and another nation in need and all playing our part. I wonder what memories you have of Red Nose Day - if you are old enough to remember the first one - or how you are supporting Red Nose Day today? There's loads going on to join in with, not least here in blog world through supporting team honk  with letting others know - and also a blog hop!
Acts of love/kindness/serving others are heightened in our thoughts today, particularly. Ihavent set up a charity in a developing nation or lived for a long time in these nations in desperate need. I have visited some and led teams of children, young people and families in acts of kindness: showing kindness to a stranger by dressing up a clowns and doing some juggling acts on the streets and standing in a line and then as someone walks by rolling out a red carpet rug for them to walk on and all standing and cheering in the line up, applauding them as they go. Or giving out flowers or lollipops help to raise a smile and bring a little joy. I have led teams where we have cleared rubbish, cleaned houses, painted railings or community halls as a small part of offering acts of kindness. Today, I wonder what you perhaps have done in acts of kindness, serving others, raising awareness, raising money for others? How can I show an act of kindness towards someone else today?
Love is kind - be kind - and watch it grow. If you haven't seen this, then watch it and have a go and support Red Nose Day too.
and you can join in my all About Love blog hop here

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