Tuesday, 12 February 2013

All About Love - 10 Things for PJ - Day 12

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways - or 10 things I hate love about you (I love that movie btw)
1. I love the way you smile your sweetest smile and whisper a completely ridiculous idea in my ear - like Mummy lets go swimming at 6.30pm, bedtime - and smile and then say, is that a really good idea?
2. I love the way you walk around - in your clip clops as you call them, in the house or in the garden and wear them in the buggy out - or, as you did recently at a friends wedding in yourpink bowed ankle boots gallop from one end of the church to the other, in the REALLY quiet bit - come on Mummy, let's tiptoe. Tiptoe ( gallop) Tiptoe ( gallop) Tiptoe (gallop)
3. I love the way you eat spaghetti bolognese - basghetti gamanese, you call it and the way you declare some meals to be delicious or, still somedays, belicious and state that I have cooked dinner super well - as you did the day I did beans on toast.
4. I love the way you run and jump in puddles and roll down hills and dive in mud with such excitement and joy, asking me to join you - with the request that is hard to resist: "Come on Mum, join in - adding it's great fun," just as someone happens to be walking past us, as they snigger and wonder if I will join in with you or not. how could I resist?
5. I love the way you hug and kiss me and tell me that you love me all the time at very random moments most days.
6. I love the way you often ask and turn your nose up as you quzzically ask: Why have I got a yew (new) Mummy?,  often quite loudly - and often when we are at the bank or walking in the street and how we then go through  the story of how you came to be with me and how you mostly throw your arms around me when I say I found you and say: yes and I found you.
7. I love the way you welcome people into our home and invite people to come to our house for lunch and how you look at me after they leave and say: aww that was..... and name them, and then say aww Mummy, that was nice wasn't it.
8. I love the way you squidge playdough or spaghette and glue in your hands, blue paint all over yourself - and the tablecloth and the floor - and how you declare jelly as wobbleh and how you can slurp said jelly into your mouth and out again in quick succession and with such panache that it might be a party trick one day.
9. I love the way you love and how you talk about our cat so often that Nursery think he is part of our family, like a little brother, and the way you sing him lullabies and read him stories when he is sleeping and look after him with your doctors and nurses set and tell him he is brave and cute.
10. I love the way you love days at home with just us and how we have fun baking and making things and watching a DVD for our favourite Friday night movie night.


  1. I love this. I hope one day you will show PJ these blog posts. When she's older. Maybe you could scrapbook them some day x

  2. Beautiful! What a wonderful mummy you are xx


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