Wednesday, 13 February 2013

All About Love - sparkly lovely fun - Day 13

sparkly playdough hearts made using a heart cutter and glitter - we used a pink and purple playdough and red glitter We did an attempt at Emma's sparkly suncatcher hearts - made from milk bottles and using glue and sprinkles as PJ called them! I cut the milkbottles and she added a pile of sprinkles to the heart - so I spread them out to stick. Thankyou Emma! We have also made some treasure boxes - one to keep some lovely memories in - using a shoe box and simply sticking on wrapping paper, coloured paper, stars, hearts, and random shapes PJ has cut out herself! Lovely! Our other valentime lovely treasure box was made from an old tissue box and we added tissue paper squares and gems. Our idea for this box is to develop our words of Affirmation skills - or encouragements - to write or draw or retell some things about our day we have appreciated about each other - write or draw then on thin strips of paper and fold them up and pop them into the treasure box - and read them out after tea - and treasure them - Positive Praise - it works wonders! Join in the blog hop


  1. WOW - these are fab - how creative! :o).

  2. The sun catchers look super, I'm delighted you liked the idea.:-)

    1. thanks Emma for your original idea for the suncatchers - they were and are brilliant. thank you x


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