Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Egg Nests

Easy Peasy to make and delicious to eat and perfect for Easter Holiday snacks and treats and quick picnic deserts.

They are quick to make too and not too fiddly, which is great for baking activities with children with limited concentration.

I do put the chocolate, syrup and butter in a pan and weigh out the cornflakes before calling PJ into the kitchen, which helps!

PJ loves to select the colours of the cake cases - and to mix it in - and she loves to lick the spoon!
She did very well at adding the mini eggs to the nests.

We used 300g chocolate
150 g butter
6 tblspns syrup

Melt these ingredients in a saucepan on a slow and gentle heat.
Add 300g cornflakes.

All join in stirring!
Put 2 spoons of nest egg cornflake chocolate mix into each paper case.
Gently press down and add chocolate mini eggs into each egg nest.

We made about 25-30

and there aren't many left!

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