Tuesday, 16 April 2013

It's In the bag!

I got the school I wanted in the bag!
It all went online at 12.30 am.
Would I stay up and click online at 12.30am and see where I had a place allocated? a friend asked.
No. I said, firmly.
Well..... as it happens.... PJ woke crying in the night at 4 am, then the cat woke up and thudded around the house, then I needed a wee and then felt wide awake, so went downstairs and made a cuppa.... and then, I remembered.... the news about the school places will be online.... by now.... I may as well look, now... after all, I am awake... and so is the cat... so we looked.
School preference number 1 allocated.
I have until the end of April to respond.
I already have.
With just one more click.
School place preference number 1 accepted.
I am really pleased that the system has worked and we have a place without having to appeal or re-consider another preference allocation.
I told PJ the name of her school today and she smiled and said Aww. Then she told the cat. He said meow, which I hoped she didn't translate as: I already know I saw it online at 4am.
I told PJ that when we go to Nursery we will find out if some of the other boys and girls will be going to her big school too when she goes in September.
Very pleased and relieved for it to have all gone so smoothly.
Thank you local authority and admission system.


  1. Hurrah! Great news :)

    1. thanks - it is the first hurdle over, at least and yes I am pleased to have one less thing to worry about

  2. Hooray! What a relief that must be! :)

    1. it really is a relief - more than I realised - thanks x


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