Sunday, 6 January 2013

50 things to do Outdoors

My new daughter, PJ is 3 and loves to be outdoors and I love some fresh air and to wander around with the smell of fresh air too. She loves to run and run fast. I mean fast. No one ever believes me when I say how fast she is at running. Then, if they come for a walk with us, they say: "She is fast isn't she?" Wellies slow her down, I have discovered - although I haven't told her this, of course. Chase me she says and off she goes and doesn't stop. The skill, I have learned, is to run after her when her face is set forwards as she runs and then to pretend to be walking as soon as she turns to look at you. This gives a chance of catching up with her a little without her realising. Chase me she yells and runs off again. Sometimes she falls over, which slows her down considerably more. Otherwise, she would just run and keep going thinking it is a game. Yelling stop or wait doesnt work as she is in a state of high arousal and is very intent on running. At great speed. She has no sense of danger. We are working on listening skills, where we practise really good listening, where we play let's run to the next landmark and I give lots of praise when she does what I have instructed. So, what is a new Mummy to do with a little 3 year old girl who loves to be outdoors and loves the sense of freedom that running around brings, and yet I neeed to make sure she is safe where she runs and have to also run with her, as well as finding a variety of experiences for her to enjoy and develop her mind and interest. After all, she needs a balance of finding freedom as well as the safety of boundaries and to learn the rules of conformity. I am a member of the National Trust and so it seemed a natural thing to contnue with my new little girl. Membership is free for a child under 5. It is a no brainer and it is always fun in the rain and shine. But have you heard of this? 50 things to do before you are 11 and 3/4 It is an amazing discovery and is something we are beginning to do. Everything from looking inside a tree or running in the rain to kyacking and climbing a tree. You can pick up books to complete from national trust shops or do the challenge online and collect badges as you complete each of the 50.
We have started.
4 badges all completed already.
To be continued.... until she is 11 and 3/4. We have 8 years. I think it will be a while before we build a dam in a river....

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