Saturday, 12 January 2013

Waiting for January 2011

Before the social worker from the local authority left, she said that it might be wise for me to push some doors with some Adoption Agencies. What are they I asked?
She said they might be more open to single people adopting, and my age - as I am older.
She also said that Agencies will look for children needing to be adopted nationally, whereas the local authority work with their lists of children needing adopting form withing their local authority. If I was taken on by an agency this would solve the issue of where I work, in the line of work I am in, being a conflict. As an agency works nationally, there also might be room for a few more prospective adopters given the need of children needing new families.
She left me details of 3 adoption agencies.
I made initial enquiries with 2 agencies and seemed to have a wrong number for the 3rd and put that one on the back burner, whilst I waited for news of the Moderation Panel.
Would hoop#1 of Moderation Panel from the Local Authority prove successful and lead to more hoops to go through towards adoption being my option to become a Mum, or would I be on a helter skeltzer ride with trying to find an adoption agency?
I wait with eager anticipation, for news.
My life seems on hold.
The wait until January 2011 seemed endless.

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