Saturday, 12 January 2013

Oh, It's Ruined!

PJ appeared in the bathroom, just as I was getting out of the shower. It can be a daily occurance - both me getting out of the shower, and her appearing from wherever I am, that is! Apparently, it is all to do with her being reassured that I am still there, I haven't left her abandonded and I still exist, even if I am not in the same room. Separation anxiety and I am constant, being explored.
I always try and reassure her by telling her where in the house I am going and what I am doing. I usually give her the option of following. We have gone from her screaming when I leave the room to her often being happy to be alone. For a while. She used to follow me everywhere, like a tiny toddler. To the loo, to answer the door, in the kitchen, to the phone. The unspoken, don't leave me. She ususally calls upstairs whilst I am in the shower: Are you OK, Mummy? Yes, I say and often she will come upstairs to say:  Hi. how's it going? anyway, whilst I am showering.
This was one of those moments.
Are you OK?
It's ruined, she cries and the thing crashes to the bathroom floor, loudly, adding to the drama of the event.
Can I fix it? I ask, helpfully.
No, she says and adds: You aren't very good at fixing things, she says.
I look down to see, what has apparently been ruined.
The thing.
The thing that has crashed dramatically to the bathroom floor.
The thing that I cannot fix.

A calculator... with the battery back come off.

*I think  can manage that*

I quietly (and unbeknown to her) clip the back on and leave it downstairs on the table.

Sometime later....

She picks it up and gasps as she exclaims: Oh, you fixed it , Mummy!
*Seems impressed*
*Wanders off with fixed calculator*

I feel positively affirmed and a somewhat accomplished DIY fixer.

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