Friday, 25 January 2013

Fun Friday - Something for the Weekend

This is our Fun Friday.
We got out our new Christmas stuff and made ice cream cakes and ice creams.
PJ loves squidging playdough and for the mostpart, over these last few months that is exactly what she has done with her playdough.
She came with various cuttters and rolling pins and shapes to cut out with playdough, which have held her interest, momentarily. Then it is back to the familiar and satisfying thing to do with playdough. Squidging. Squidge, squidge, squidge.
She has enjoyed a little sausage shape making too, but mostly it has been all about the squidging. All colours rolled into one.
So, Christmas came and friends asked what she might enjoy for Christmas and I said: playdough.
Make your own, some have said. Yes. I will, probably, eventually. At the moment, being a new and at times rather shell shocked adoptive Mummy means that making my own playdough comes rather much lower down on my list of things to do.
Sleep and food and play with PJ are top of the list.
Anyway, back to the playdough.
I got some lovely new colours from Father Christmas and from friends.
And one lovely friend gave us this:

I wondered if it might be too fiddly for her, yet and that she wouldnt be interested in it at all, given her fascination and repetative squidging of playdough. Although she is nearly 4, she has some developmental gaps so we are a bit stuck at squidging things.

She loves it!

Basketti she shrieks with delight! (Spaghetti Bolognese is a favourite meal in our house, so the idea of squeezing playdough through a machine that comes out as spaghetti "basketti" is a great source of merriment and delight) The basketti machine is fantastic !
Thankyou my Christmas friend who purchased this gift and thankyou Playdough for making this machine.

So, today I thought we would have a go at doing something different to just squidging and to have the focus on the new basketti machine - and to make something else, other than spaghetti.

She loves ice cream, so the idea was met with enthusiasm.
We put our ice cream playdough in bowls and had lolipop sticks and glitter and pom poms and sequin sprinkles at the ready...

We had a lot of Fun!

Lollipops and iced gem biscuits
and mini bowls filled with ice cream.
Perfect for a snowy day!
                                                            How was your Fun Friday?


  1. These look like great craft activities! What a great way to spend a snowy day :)

  2. We've passed many an hour with playdough. My kids love it!


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