Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Brit Mums - My Tribute

I stumbled upon Brit Mums, perhaps by accident. Actually, I was rather delighted to find Brit Mums. You, whom I have admired and longed to be like for so many years, from a distance. For years I have longed to be a Mum, to be a Brit Mum. I have been to baby showers, Christenings, played with other friends and relatives children. I have run children's clubs, brithday parties and a Baby and Toddler Club. I have heard your stories of pregnancy,childbirth, breast feeding, postnatal depression and tried my best to listen - and to have some understanding. I have been on the other side of the playground in my job context and sat the other side of the table at parents evenings and joined round table meetings for those of you Mums in need of support through CAF or TAC or whatever name they, the governmet at the time, give these meetings and have supported you as best I can along the way, professionally. For years I have longed to be one of you. A Mum. A Brit Mum. You see, I have always wanted to be a Mum. Since I was about 6 I reckon. the combination of being a bridesmaid and having family members have cute and cuddly and funny babies of their own. I dressed my dolls and pushed them around the garden for hours, pretending to be a Mum. I had the garden chairs in a row and made a bus and put my dolls pushchair on the bus. I used an upside down cardboard box as a car and sat in it and drove my dolls around the garden too. Our long suffering cat was frequently dressed in dolls clothes and would lie on his back as he had his turn around the block on wheels too. Later, much later, as a grown woman I thought I would become a Mum. I had married and we planned on starting a family when I turned 30. Instead, at 30, the divorce papers were filed and my short lived marriage of 3 years ended, taking the dream of motherhood with it. At least for the time being. I was still young and had plenty of time to recover, rebuild and redream. The years went by and by and by until I became 45 and began pushing doors to become a Mum. I considered fostering but it seemed impossible as a single person and, besides, it didn't seem permament. I still dreamed of being a Mum. In 2010, I began exploring the idea of adoption. 2 years later, at 47 I became a Mum. A dream indeed fulfilled, hope that had been clung onto for so long. A child longed for. This is why I salute you all, Brit Mums and why I am proud to be a Brit Mum. At Last. I made it. I have joined you, Brit Mums. Our stories are all unique and are here to be heard and now, in my blog, here is my story. I have grabbed my badge and am wearing it with pride. Thank you.
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  1. Ah, such a wonderful blog! You sound like such a great mum. Don't worry about crashes and tumbles at playgroup, I have an Amazonian of a toddler who seems to rugby tackle every child she comes across! I'm a new follower, would love if you come check me out at -fellow newbie in need of support!

    1. thanks for stopping by. I will pop over to yours later. probably after tea. OK?


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