Thursday, 24 January 2013


Today has mostly been about lots of me time.
I have absolutely loved it.
PJ has been at Nursery and I have for the first time since PJ arrived done some craft project stuff that I love: Scrap booking.
I also had lunch out with my sister which has been great too.
The last few months my potential me time days have been sabotaged by other things that seem to have crowed into my me space: you know, cleaning, ironing, sorting through the clothes, Christmas shopping, busy jobs that just need doing... you know the deal.
Paperwork, letter sorting - emails and phone calls to social workers that don't happen whilst PJ is with me as life with PJ is just too full on.
I've tried to do some parallel activities - here are your busy jobs with paper, notepad, file, bank leaflets and envelopes to use whilst Mummy does her busy jobs too.
It goes horribly wrong.
The phone goes and the wall gets scribbled on whilst I answer it, PJ wants to chat to the person on the other end of the phone - she would chat - and has chatted - to strangers on the phone!
Or my post ends up being scribbled on and filed under B-I-N and at very rapid speed.
A budding gifted administrator she may be, but I am not. I need to concentrate on what I am doing with my paperwork. So, I often use some of my me time to get some things sorted. In the last few months with the arrival of PJ I have been completely knackered in the evening. Bed time comes, she settles down and that's it - I am zonked.
Just like when you start a new job - which I kind of have as a new adoptive parent - boom it just swamps and hits you. The evening arrives and the tiredness kicks in and smacks you in the face.
The steam roller effect.
The other thing that creeps into your me time, I find, is the zillion meetings adoption generates.
Or that is how it seems, at times.
They sneak in, without you realising just how many you have had:
Health visitor, yours and her social worker, support meetings, LAC reviews, PEP meetings, phone calls, emails... it all adds up. Some of it is incredibly needed and supportive - but equally draining and tiring, at times - for me. Coffee and cake is what I find regenerates me, not a meeting per se.
I decided that this New Year, I am going to try really hard to do some of my old and very loved activities. I am 4 months in to my year of adoptive leave and had high hopes of having some me time to do some creative things.
Today, it actually happened.
Post and phone calls and busy jobs can wait.
Life as we have known it, is on hold.
Today is all about me.
Me time.
Today, I love you.
Today, when will I see you again?


  1. A great idea and I know what a struggle this is - you have to take that time because no-one gives it to you! You have made me think about doing that for myself, thank you x

  2. you are welcome - I hope you find something to do for you.


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