Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A whole lot of New!

Happy Yew Year, Mummy! she squealed as she beamed with delight at the sparklers in the darkness on New Year's Eve. Our first New Year's Eve together. She has beamed with such delight on several of our firsts these last few months but particularly, I was reminded, when we first met this last Summer of 2012. Then, she was just 3 and wearing shorts and t shirt and it was "summer". She, opened the door and just beamed at me as she said: You are my New Mummy, aren't you? Yes I said, Would you like to come in? she asked. Yes, I said and went in. I went in to the front room with her foster carers and we played and I treasured this, our first meeting. A camera to take a photo, would have seemed most intrusive for this frst meeting between new Mummy and new daughter but the beaming smile I was greeted with I will never forget. I doubt a photo would have captured it. I will remember the moment for ever.

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