Sunday, 6 January 2013

Pushing Doors Tentatively 2009

I began pushing doors - tentatively it has to be said. I started making enquiries about fostering. Adoption seemed insurmountable to me - and so final, perhaps. Afterall, I am single and older now, so presumably I would not be allowed to adopt. That is what I told myself and allowed myslef to believe. Also, to add to my growing convictions, I had heard that you couldnt adopt if you were single. I had also heard that you couldnt adopt if you were over 30. Rather than confronting my fears and have the door of hope slam in my face with the rejection of being told no for adoption, I decided to allow these assumptions to be true and chose to bravely push the door to foster. Surely fostering could be done by someone older? And single? Surely? Perhaps? I tentatively push.... I'm a grown up for goodness sake....I can do this.... Bam goes the door as I push it open...

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