Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Day Friday

Not much so far but enough to venture out to the shed to look for the sledge PJ thought she had come with and was in the shed - but no,
No sledge in the shed.
So, instead we -
Put on hats, gloves, wellies, coats (all big achievements)
Go out for a walk in the snow,
Into the park to crunch in the snow,
Run around in the snow,
Do some Snow Angels
Throw snow,
Buy new sledge in the sales - bargain - red - she wanted blue like her old one (aww)
Come inside and get dry and warm.
chase the cat,
Drink hot chocolate.
Back outside to build a Snowman,
With stones for eyes and buttons, pine cone for a nose,
Adorn with a hat and sandcastle bucket for fun and a windmill,
Throw more snow
knock down the snowman (oops!)
Throw more snow,
Eat snow,
Collect as much snow as you can in your arms
Try out the new sledge.
Come back inside again to get warm and dry.
drink hot chocolate,
chase the cat,
play with Christmas playdough set,
watch a DVD

So now we have completed 2 snowy things to do of our 50 challenge

Happy Snowy Friday!


  1. Do you have a photo of your snowman? He sounds fabulous!!

    1. sadly not, hence detailed description. it got knocked down before the camera captured it!


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