Monday, 21 January 2013

The voice of Many

The Voice of Many came.
They cheered.
They applauded.
Fantastic they said.
Woo hoo they whooped.
So pleased for you.
Lucky them to have you as a Mum.
Well done you, this is what you are meant to do.
You will be a fantastic Mum.
We can't wait to meet them.
When will it happen?
We will help you.
Can't wait to play with them.
We will babysit.
We will come and sit with you in the evenings.
And drink wine and eat cake and drink tea and coffee.
You can phone us in the middle of the night and scream down the phone as us, when it is hard.
You will have such a fantastic time being a Mum.
This is so exciting.
I am so happy for you.
How long do we have to wait?
How long is the process?
You will sail through it.
Of course you will get through the process, you will be marvellous.
You have so much to offer.
I bet everyone is delighted.
Who isn't sure?
They said what?
Stuff them.
Stuff those other voices.
This is your life.
And what you have always wanted.
This is your time.
You will be fab.
We are here for you.
You can do this.
You are strong.
You are amazing.
You are very brave.
You are you.
They will come round, those other voices, you see.
And if they don't?
Well, their loss.
We are Many, and we are cheering you along the way.
What an exciting Adventure ahead!
And a small person to have forever at the end of it.
Just think...

I am so thankful for the Voice of Many who helped me through the times of questioning myself and who have been there for me throughout this process.

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