Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Scooter, the Bike and the Walking

I haven't blogged for a while - a lot has been happening - but first let me tell you of some of our successes in our modes of transport with the sunshine we have been having these last few weeks: scooter, bicycle and feet.
When PJ first came to me she didn't have much road sense or sense of listening to instructions or following them through. She had lots of determination and showed lots of speed when running. She was really fast and when she runs off and thinks you are chasing her, she thinks it is a game. She can run off in the opposite direction too, at great speed, along with the word NOOOOOOooooo! During introductions, I witnessed her running alongside a quiet road with the foster carer walking on behind and her calling out instructions to wait at the next landmark and PJ may or may not have waited at the next landmark. She had progressed since she had first been with her foster carers greatly from running off and not seemingly being bothered to this point, but I needed a little more security and road sense for when she would come to be with me.
We discussed using reigns or buggy as a more secure alternative when PJ came home to me and decided we would try reigns. It was met with screams and tantrums and much wailing and kicking and almost gnashing of teeth - or was that me doing the gnashing? I tried reigns twice and gave up and used the buggy. I have loved it and it has been a life and sanity saver at times.
Buggy it has been. Everywhere.
For months and months and months the buggy has been our trusted friend and ally. Sometimes there has been great resistance to getting in the buggy or back in the buggy after we have had a chance at running free in the park, but for the most part the buggy has been the best thing I purchased before PJ came to me.
She has napped in it, sat quietly in it, sung happily in it and screamed and kicked all the way around the shops in it. Buggy has been watched and needed to be brought closer to our table when we have sat at a table in a cafe and has been got back into at times, probably for extra security, at times.
We have been practising running and doing good listening in the park and have practised walking around the block in a very quiet few streets to buy a lollipop from the lollipop shop.
Now, months on and as summer is approaching we have begun practising walking and using the bike and the scooter a little. We are still using the buggy for longer walks - and it is really useful for carrying shopping!
We began with the bike. The first few times we went to the park with the bike it was a great success and PJ loved it. However, it hasn't been without it's trials. Even with stabilisers, we have had a few falls in the park. The other day, I suggested that we take the bike out with us to the park and this was met with many wails and arms gesticulating in the air as she twirled around saying: " but No Mummy, No! My bicycle is not very good at cycling."
Love it!
So, the bicycle practise is on hold just now...
We have practised walking to the park and playing football. Success!
We have begun walking to a lollipop shop hand in hand which is going well. We will keep working on the walking adjective, rather than hopping or jumping or leaping along hand in hand but so far, so good. For short distances.
We have also been using the scooter. Today was a brilliant success. She scooted along and stopped and walked with me hand in hand when we crossed roads or downhill and listened to the places where I said it would be safe to scoot.
I am delighted with each of these successes and very proud of my little girl.
I think I might need to get a scooter myself too.
What do you think?
I am quite enjoying this new found freedom.
Anyone else have a grown up scooter, or recommend one?


  1. Very well done on your perseverance! My OB is also a runner and it has been a nightmare for me, especially since I have two toddlers to watch, so I know how important it is to train well in this area. Only the other day, I was paying for NB's swimming lesson, unaware that both doors into the swimming baths had been propped open (crazy people!!). I caught a glimpse of OB's coat going out the door and before I could get to him, he was up the path and on the road, being pulled out of the way of a car by a passing stranger :/ He has no fear, no sense of danger and, like your little one, thinks it's all a lovely game. More work required at my end!

    1. We have lots more work to do our end too - it is very early days. Very early days. The walking practise is across the road and around a corner and the bicycle and scooter means they are focussed on walking with them and holding on to them rather than running. Yes, I too have had the run off out open doors and off and no sense of danger and have re-defined my definition of fearless too.

  2. YES my husband has a grown up scooter that he bought on ebay, not surprising really because he is actually a big kid himself, a Go-Ped. It's broken at the moment but he used to take the boys out scooting all the time. Oldest and him once scooted 6 miles. That aside what great progress you are making as it can be very stressful walking with your children when they are not safety aware.

    Thanks for being part of the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

    1. ooh thanks for the tip - I will check it out - my friends, of course, are laughing at the mere thought!


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