Saturday, 25 May 2013

Precious Moments

This Weeks theme for the Adoption Shout Out #WASO is on Treasured Memories. For me, these are my precious moments to be treasured close to my heart - the things I have hoped and dreamed of and for and waited and waited for the fulfilment of being a Mum, a parent, of investing in and sharing life with another. A child. A daughter. Mine.
So, here are some of my firsts, my Precious Moments.
  1. Being told yes by panel chair for approval.
  2. Seeing the profile photo of PJ for the first time.
  3. Getting the phone call of a yes from meeting PJ social workers and family finders.
  4. Preparing for PJ: Introduction book, decorating room, buying buggy and car seat.
  5. Getting cards and encouragements from friends.
  6. Getting the yes recommendation from matching panel.
  7. being asked if I wanted to go and meet PJ for the first time after our Planning Meeting.
  8. PJ opening the door to me and saying I am her new Mummy and asking if I wanted to go in and play.
  9. First visit home.
  10. Making a big mess with glitter and paint and the cat joining in, sitting down on it.
  11. Holding hands and walking, skipping and jumping together.
  12. The Christmas Nativity Play, when PJ was dressed as an angel and called from the stage: Mummy I need you and I went to her.
  13. Being called Mummy rather than Mummy and a first name added on.
  14. PJ saying: Mummy, I love you all by herself.
  15. PJ rolling in mud and loving it.
  16. The train ride.
  17. PJ sitting on my lap watching a DVD
  18. PJ smiling when we play hide and seek.
  19. PJ dancing and twirling in the lounge.
  20. Dancing in the lounge with our umbrellas.
  21. Going down the slide at the soft play.
  22. Cooking Basghetti Gamanese (Spaghetti Bolognese) and being told it is Belicious, with a beaming face sat opposite me all covered in sauce, as the plate is held up empty like a trophy, in triumph.
  23. Going to a wedding and PJ singing Happy Wedding Day to you - and everyone joining in.
  24. Saying grace before a meal with friends and PJ thanking God for her New Mummy.
  25. Running Mother and Daughter race at Nursery Sports Day.
  26. Saying goodnight at bedtime and telling PJ I love her and PJ saying I love you too Mum.
  27. Hearing Mamma, is it morning and are we going to Nursery, today? first thing in the morning.
  28. Baking cakes and sharing the icing and sprinkles.
  29. Changing batteries for PJ on her electric guitar and getting a hug and a thanks Mum.
  30. Celebrating Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, shared joy, together.
Sit back and listen to this - a blast from the past - in honour of those of us who have hoped and dreamed for our dreams to be fulfilled and wondered in the long process of the Journey towards adoption when the link from seeing a photo will become a reality. Enjoy this Precious Moments
I couldn't resist it - on sooo many levels - added to my thoughts are that in this particular video - where the audience all sit as if wooden, as if missing it completely. Some people just don't get adoption, or think that we can have precious and treasured moments and attachments, do they?


  1. Your list made tears spring to my eyes :)

    1. aww thanks - didn't mean to make you cry, though! sorry x

  2. I have smiled at so many of your treasured moments, what a lovely list that I'm sure will keep on growing :-)

    Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  3. I can remember so many similar to these too and it's so wonderful to see so many listed all together, I bet you've got lots more as well. I also love that song but for slightly different reasons.

    Thank you for sharing on the weekly Adoption Shout Out.x


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