Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Best of 3

What toy would you like to take with us today? I asked, as I pulled the scooter out from the cupboard, getting ready to go out.
Um, Zebra, my doll and my pastry brush, PJ called back, decisively.
Well Zebra is too big and won't fit in my bag, I'm afraid, I said and reminded her that is only one toy to choose to come with us.
So, think again, I said.
Baby doll or the pastry brush?
You choose.
I held them out, ceremoniously, one in each hand.
My pastry brush, PJ said, jumping for joy and reaching out for the pastry brush.
Pastry brush it is.
For the scooter ride to see the ducks.
You gotta love the heuristic play, haven't you!

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