Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Our First Mummy's Day

I didn't really know what to expect from Mother's Day - our first, together, for me and PJ. I am not sure what she remembers from previous years or if and how it was celebrated with her foster carers. I decided we would go for it and aim for it being a celebration but be prepared for it to go pear shaped. To go with the flow, was my mantra.
PJ had gone shopping for a card and a wee "surprise" gift, with the help of one of my great friends. She did a great job at supporting PJ with her selections for Christmas - so I thought we would give it a try and if PJ said no, then that would be fine. Selections and purchases made and the "we got a surprise for you Mummy", was squirrelled away with my friend to look after for this last week. PJ kept the details of the surprise to herself extremely well, I have to say and the week went by and I wondered what PJ was thinking.
She came home from Nursery with some seeds and had made 2 cards - I asked who the cards were for - they both said: to mummy - and I wondered if one might be for " birth mum"  but she said that one was for her!
As, I said, she kept the details of the surprise to herself, until Saturday morning, when my friend arrived with the wee gift and card for PJ to wrap and write the card.... I disappeared off, busy, around the house and then PJ appeared, saying: Mummy we have wrapped your egg cups as a surprise for you tomorrow, for Mummy's Day! Look, we have put them up here, for the morning! She was very excited.
6.40 am Sunday.
Mummy! Wake Up! Get up! It's time to open your surprise egg cups for Mummy's Day.
So, that's what we did.
I put the cards up in the front room and she beamed when I showed her.
We had a lovely day, church where she collected daffodils for me, time spent playing together, watching DVDs, a walk and lunch out in a local cafe.
Lots of smiles and hugs and words of affirmation from PJ.
She wore her favourite dress that she can twirl in.
It's red. She says it has sprinkles on.
Of, course, we had boiled eggs for tea.
With our new surprise egg cups.
Chosen by PJ.
For Mummy's Day.


  1. That is lovely brought a tear to my eye (ok a few tears) hope you enjoyed your special first mothers day :)

    1. it really was a magical - if a little surreal day. wanted to pinch myself so many times to see if it was real.

  2. What a lovely Mother's Day! PJ sounds like an absolute sweetheart :)

    1. thanks. xx she has some great sweet moments.


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