Monday, 29 July 2013

Royal Baby #Memory Box

I was, along with many in the nation and indeed the world, waiting with bated breath for the news of the birth of the new Royal baby last week. I couldn't help but to keep my ear to the ground and to listen for the announcement on the radio. The next day, I also couldn't resist the urge to turn the telly on every now and then in the hope for that first glimpse of  Kate and William and their new baby to leave the hospital. I remembered when Diana and Prince Charles had left with their tiny bundle, William, those years ago and how it had impacted me and so was delighted when I sat on the sofa with PJ and told her that we were about to see a new baby, who would one day be a king.
She sat still with interest and we waited and watched and then the moment came.
Is that the new baby Mummy?
Is the new baby king now?
No, not yet, this baby is tiny and has just been born, but one day this baby will be a king.
As the camera zoomed in on the baby wrapped up in a bundle and was held in his proud new Mummy and Daddy's arms, I said to her:
If you had been my tiny baby and if I had had you as a tiny baby, I would have held you like that in a tiny blanket and I would have held you all wrapped up nice and safe and all snug bug, just like that tiny baby that has just been born. You were born in hospital too and if I had had you I would have carried you out of hospital just like that baby. ( well minus all the zillion photographers!)
Yes, I would.
Can you carry me like that now?
She crawled onto my lap and lay in my arms.
I carried her in my arms upstairs, cradled in my arms, like a tiny baby.
The next day, she said:
Is the new baby a king now?


  1. That just made me cry (little tired after the weekend). What a gorgeous moment for you both and so helpful in making progress is allowing the regression.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful #Memorybox moment.

  2. aww, sorry, didn't mean to make you cry - but thank you - I am learning so much more on the importance of allowing the regression and storytelling but wasn't anticipating the connection wit the royal baby narrative to be quite so strong.

  3. How totally gorgeous :) And what a fantastic seizing of the opportunity!

    1. It was great - I just dipped my toes in - and it worked! It was actually really powerful.

  4. What an amazing moment. Well done you for seizing the chance to do that, and so great that she responded the way she did. Lovely. *wipes tears away*

    1. thanks - it was a really lovely moment - and yes - great she responded the way she did - I took a risk and it worked.


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