Monday, 1 July 2013

#Memory Box - Sunday Lunch

Roast!  you exclaim.
You love roast.
With Oxter Puddings. (that's Yorkshire puddings, to everyone else)
After grace you say tuck in.
We eat: roast dinner complete with roast potatoes, veg, Yorkshire puddings and gravy.
Sometimes, you pick the plate up and put the plate to your mouth to consume the gravy.
With loud slurps.
Delicious! you declare as you set the plate down and grin a big gravy eared grin.
Yesterday, I was rather glad you didn't lift the plate to your mouth to lick the gravy from your plate.
We had guests.
Friends. Our friends.
To be honest, I don't think they would have minded, even if you had lifted you plate to your mouth.
They are fabulous friends - you and I wrote the list together of who to invite.
When we did the list initially, we had one space left.
I asked you who else we should invite - you said in response, with no hesitation: scrappy the dog.
I have to admit, I was rather pleased that scrappy the dog's owner and I decided that scrappy the dog would be unable to attend for Sunday Roast and you and I invited someone else instead.


  1. That's really lovely. Nothing better than slurping the gravy up! I'm sure Scrappy the dog would have agreed!

    Thanks for linking this up with Memory Box x

    1. haha - I fear scrappy the dog might have joined in if he had come for sunday roast x

  2. It is wonderful seeing children enjoy their food and I think we know Bonzo definitely does. Sunday Roast is a favourite for one of my boys and he can almost eat a portion as big as mine now. A lovely post for Memory box. Thanks for Sharing...

    1. it really is lovely to see them enjoying food, especially when you know there will have bee times of no or little food and often not much variety or healthy.


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