Sunday, 23 June 2013

The P.E. Bag #Memory Box

We just purchased the new P.E. bag for big school.
You know the style, the one with the drawstring that hangs on a peg.
In the olden days, when I was a child, my Mum made me one and threaded old dressing gown chord through it to hang. Then she chain stitched my name along the bottom in the same colour.
I had a brown bag with gold/mustard yellow chord and gold/mustard yellow letters, that lasted for years. Very retro. Vintage now, I think.
I hated it but hated sewing more and I needed a P.E. bag for my hockey kit, which I loved more.
So the brown and gold P.E. bag lived with me for many of my Primary school and of my secondary school days.
It seems that, in the modern days, you buy a P.E. bag with the school logo on.
Ta da!
I tried to big up the idea of a P.E. bag to PJ.
I talked about her needing this lovely bag to put her P.E. kit in.
I tried to explain that her P.E. kit would be worn when she did lots of running around times at big school.
I tried to explain that at big school when you all do running around times you get changed into shorts and t-shirt.
I tried to explain that at big school she would keep her shorts and t-shirt for running around times in her new P.E. bag.
We talked about the colours she would wear and she nodded in agreement that the new P.E. bag was, indeed,  rather lovely.
Yes, and Mummy? she said: Do we put PEAS in it?


  1. That is just wonderful, such a lovely moment that I'm sure will stay with you both for ever. We have those and the boys will often say "do you remember when I was little and said..." and then we all laugh again. Really Great and thanks for sharing on Memory Box.

    1. I am looking forward to the do you remember when moments to come very much. thanks for all your encouraging comments. Lovi9ng the idea of the memory box

  2. I love it! That is just the sort of random comment Bonzo would come out with! Ages ago when telling him who was coming to his adoption & Baptism party he listened carefully then said, 'can the Asda man come too'!

    1. hilarious - I am sure we will have some randoms added to our celebration day too - she already is expecting the cat to attend!

  3. Beautiful!!!

  4. Fantastic. A lovely moment that I'm sure you'll think about everytime you look at that PE bag!
    Thanks for linking up with Memory Box x

    1. thanks - I think I will, for many years to come!


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