Monday, 17 June 2013

Mud #Memory Box

Thick, oozy, scquelchy mud.
You love mud.
You saw a puddle at the weekend and jumped in.
Squelch squerch you called as you waded in.
The mud on the outskirts of the mud oozed over and into your doodle pumps.
The muddy puddle - possibly the only one in the park - was deep.
In you went.
Right in.
Up to your knees.
Even if you had worn your wellies, I don't think they would have helped.
Not in that muddy puddle, that's for sure.
You lay down in it and kicked your legs, shrieking with delight and joy.
It was on your nose and in your hair too.
On the squelchy and squirchy walk back up the hill towards home, we passed a family.
The Mum's mouth dropped wide open as she stared.
The Dad smiled and said: that looks like you had brilliant fun.
A lovely Muddy Day, you said.


  1. What beautiful words, full of the joy and excitement of a child having so much fun. Thank you for sharing on #Memory Box.

    1. ah thanks Sarah. she really does love mud. it is great to see her smiling and having fun, especially after all she has been through.

  2. Brilliant. Sounds like heaps of fun. A lovely memory.

    Thanks for linking up with Memory Box x

    1. thanks for the chance to link in- it is so easy for the memories to not be recorded - so a good opportunity to get some written down.

  3. Something not to be forgotten for sure! What a fun experience:)

    1. she is like a magnet when it comes to mud!

  4. Sounds fantastic! I love how children can find such delight in such simple things

    1. it is priceless isn't it - and it is free too! haha x


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