Saturday, 14 September 2013

First Week at Big School

Fantastic start, so far!
Hooray for Big School!
We have got out the door, this last week on time and proudly wearing the uniform.
She has carried and cuddled her toy that has a special job, to remind her that mummy will be back soon and once, we have left this precious transitional toy, in school!
The teacher returned it, safely to us at tea time!
How lovely was that!
This last week we have stayed for school dinners and yes, there has been the evidence of what PJ has been eating firmly imprinted on the new school uniform top!
We have had a few meltdowns, a few tears and a few loud and ear piercing screams of frustration, I suspect, over this last week - but on the whole, it has all gone exceptionally well and better than any of us could have anticipated.
Transition and change is such a big thing and potential trigger for many behaviours, patterns and responses to rear their ugly heads once again - wet pants, clinging onto me, tears, bouncing on and off furniture and being restless and excitable and tired are all a small price to pay for the joy she seems to have for big school and the big smiles that greet me when she sees me when I pick her up at the end of the day!
So far we have done half days at big school.
Next week, she will do full days!
I haven't told her that bit yet.
Or, that she will be going to big school and then big, big school, for many years still to come.
Some things can wait.


  1. What a massive step. Great to hear it's going well. Lovely to hear about the transitional toy as well (wish I'd known/thought about that).
    Sally x

    1. thankyou - the transitional object has been such a life saver - at night or to go to nursery and now - big school - far less wobbly when I leave her - and remind her I will always come back.

  2. So glad to hear that things are going well for you both :)

    1. thank you - it is early days - but holding it together for the most part whilst at big school, so far.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post - our little girl has started school this Sep too. She has been really tired and clinging to me more than she usually does. She starts her full days tomorrow too - here's hoping to it going well. Hope it goes well for you both too.

    1. tired and clingy and tearful is definitely the way it is going, isn't it! hope it goes well for you - thanks for your encouragement


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